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Commercial Estimating Services

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Having an extensive experience at Precision Estimator of over 14 years in commercial electrical estimation, residential construction estimation, and commercial construction estimate; we have worked with clients from all walks of life, such as

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Commercial Electrical Estimation

Commercial Estimating Services is a process undoubtedly a time-consuming and complex process and is often dreaded by busy business owners and investors. Any commercial or residential project’s success relies heavily on the accurate and detail-oriented estimation of all expenses.

When done correctly, the projects stay within budget and on track. Why divide your focus on something that commercial construction estimate experts can handle at Precision Estimator? Our team of experts is fully equipped to provide you with quick, precise, and accurate commercial construction estimates that includes everything from material takeoffs to cost estimates for new constructions, restoration, renovations, and additions to your existing homes or commercial buildings.

commercial estimating service

Commercial Estimating Services

At Precision Estimator, we offer an array of commercial estimating services. Have a look at the list below, and you will know what type of service best suits your needs

Commercial Preliminary Cost Estimates

This is a cost estimation procedure carried out right before the design phase begins and is a precursor for obtaining loans, preparing budgets, calculating utility costs etc.

Conceptual Estimate

This is a specialized service to determine all the hidden costs and benefits in the preliminary stages of the project.

Commercial Bid Estimate

Our general contractor on the team comes up with bids and estimates using zip codes and prepares bids in record time.
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Architectural Estimate

The architects on board render their services for less detail-oriented projects.

Pre-Construction Final Construction Estimate

Before you start construction, we provide a pre-construction final construction estimate that includes managing costs, loans, funds, negotiation with contractors, and planning proposals.

CAD Drawings

We have a team of CAD experts who make flawless CAD drawings for you using software like AutoCAD, Revit, Solid Works, FastWRAP, FastPIPE, RS Means, FastDUCT, and IMHS Mark Systems.

Expert Consultancy

In addition to the superior commercial construction estimating services, we help our clients file bids and hype up their bid-hit ratio.
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Our Happy Clients

The Estimation Procedure We Follow

To describe the scope of work at Precision Estimator, the estimation team meets in person.
Commercial estimating services for trade specialists are also part of this process.

Updated And Latest Software

Following a review of the client's project documents and specifications, the trade specialized estimators import the plans and digitally take off the quantities by measuring the dimensions and scales using the latest software.

Data Organizing

All takeoff quantities are exported and categorized according to divisions and patterns of Precision costs in EXCEL spreadsheets after the on-screen data collection is complete.

Material And Labor Estimates

The price of material and labor for each job is classified concerning prevailing wages, union wages, and standard time and overtime. We have relationships with local vendors and RSMeans to help us with accurate pricing.

Quality Control Phase

The lead estimator then conducts a final quality assurance check of the project deliverables as part of the quality control process.

Benefits of Choosing Commercial Estimating Services

Choosing the exemplary cost estimation service will not only save you from lots of stress but will also ensure the timely completion of your projects. Also, when done in a detail-oriented manner, cost estimation will save you from uninvited expenses later. Here is why choosing Precision Estimator for commercial construction estimate will benefit you

Quick Turnaround

What could take days or even weeks, experts at Precision Estimator do in a short time frame of 24-48 hours.


One of the top reasons our clients keep coming back to us is that our cost estimation service is affordable for all masses.

Attention to Details

Our team of experts makes sure to pay attention to every possible cost while making an overall cost estimation with proven accuracy of 98%.

Team of Expert Professionals

Our efficient team comprises the best in the country, including construction managers, engineers, field experts, architects, and certified construction estimators who know their job well.

Easy & Understandable

We provide easy-to-read and understandable reports that anyone can quickly grasp, even if they don’t know anything about construction.

You Send Us Your Plans to Review

You can send them to , info.precisionestimator@gmailcom or if they are large files, upload here
01 Aug 2016
01 Aug 2016

We Send you a Quote for the Project

Before starting, we’ll send you a detailed quote for our services. We look at things like size, difficulty, complexity, and bid date when determining pricing. Every project is unique so we take the time to review each project individually.

10 May 2018
10 May 2018

We Estimate and Send you Your Project

Our team will digitally takeoff the quantities for your project and prepare your entire bid for you. We use a highly accurate cost database that’s based on the zip code so the numbers will be extremely accurate and competitive.

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