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Our takeoff estimation allows you to take charge of your construction project. Our team of highly dedicated professionals work seamlessly to provide the best of their services.


Team of Experts

We are home to a group of well-qualified team of individuals whose expertise lie in delivering the most accurate material estimates. Our efficient team never fails to meet a deadline. They provide construction takeoff and estimating services to our valuable clients tailored specifically according to their demands.


Additional Services and Considerations

We have gained vast expertise in providing the most accurate cost estimates. Additionally, our estimates also include all stages of designs during construction. They range from electrical, mechanical, concrete to plumbing, insulation, site work and many others.


Residential Estimating Services

Our keen eye to details and proficiency supports you to build your dream house without having to struggle with any of the complex figures and estimates. Our task is to assist you with the budget constraints as the decisions can get a bit overwhelming. Our services will make your effort and time worthy of investing in us.


Commercial Estimating Services

Getting an estimate also speeds up the construction process. Our construction estimation services are not restricted to just residential construction. In fact, we provide services to commercial and industrial projects as well. The timely estimates guarantee a good return on the initial investment.

Your trusted construction estimating solution dedicated by providing you

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Precision Estimator USA, is a full service construction cost consulting firm that specializes in preparing estimates for building projects of various sizes and types.

We provide accurate construction estimating services to Owners, Developers, Contractors, CM, Owner’s Representatives, Architects, Engineers, and Subcontractors.


Experts of Modern Construction and Building

Precision Estimators follow a strict guideline that ensures the provision of right services to our clients. We deal in all types of material takeoff estimates. With our consultation and knowledge working alongside your vision, we can truly create and accomplish any kind of project.

Our professionals make sure to meet your expectations by providing the most precise takeoff estimating services. Our target is to cater your demands in the shortest time frame possible. We assist you in building your project while remaining within your budget. With our help and support, you get better and improved cost estimating efficiency which promises better profit potential.

Our top most priority includes your ideas and requirements. Therefore, our team stays in touch with you throughout the process till you are satisfied with the end result. Our goal is to make the construction process as trouble free as possible for you. Thereby, you can expect the best from us.

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Precision Estimator Core Values

Assisting You To become Successful

We provides the most cost-beneficial and efficient consultation services to its clientele. We have made our position strong by serving over 14 years in this industry. All members of our staff are well-equipped to assist you in achieving the best end results. Our knowledge and understanding of the industry and the latest technology helped us accomplish 98% of estimation success rate. Our team of professionals has also acquired 99% of project success by working seamlessly through the challenges of diverse projects. Unlike many of our competitors providing precision estimating services, we also offer full refund policy in case of any error in our estimation services. Nevertheless, nothing of this sort has happened yet. And it won’t come about too if our experts have something to do about it.

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Why Should You Choose Us?

Precision estimator is a company based in US which provides construction estimation services to contractors, homeowners, investor, subcontractor or any other sort of builder. Our team works with full dedication to anticipate the most accurate outcome of the project. With our services, contractors can accurately measure multiple construction and building projects. We take pride in owning our services which provide the most reliable and efficient estimating solutions.
Our main focus is to help out those contractors who pass up opportunities due to lack of time. We, at precision estimator, aim to assist our clients in achieving success. Our precision estimating services consist of providing step-by-step cost estimates, from design to completion along with the detailed takeoff. The reason for this to allow our clients to develop a comprehensive understanding of the calculations that are involved in the process.

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“…Very trustworthy and reliable experience. using the flat rate $1500/mo takeoff package is a lifesaver and saves us time and headaches with our busy schedule and backed up pipeline…”
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General Contractor
“…We should have used the pros sooner, it’s saved us so much time and money since delegating to precision…”
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Electircal Contractor
“we have our estimator working with what precision provides and it adds redundancy and accuracy to our process which in turn gives us more confidence… good business practice is to hire precision to do this work for you…”
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Programmer, Kenlid Enterprise

Delivering Top Notch Services

Quality and Accurate Estimation

In addition to the premium quality cost estimation, we also provide alternate estimating solutions. With that said, it’s evident that we don’t compromise quality at our firm. We also offer customer services to ensure customer satisfaction. It is our goal to provide you with the best quantity takeoff services but we also provide 100% refund if anything goes south. This has helped us in maintaining a healthy relation with all our clients. Our loyal customers can also benefit from our revision services in the cost estimation results. These policies have made us achieve 100% customer satisfaction.
Construction 98%
Production 92%
Deadline 95%

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Construction estimation is important because it allows builders, contractors, and homeowners to budget accurately and make informed decisions about their construction projects.
The accuracy of construction estimates depends on the quality and quantity of data provided and the complexity of the project. However, most estimates are considered to be reliable within a certain margin of error.
Construction estimation can be used for a wide range of projects, including new construction, renovations, additions, and repairs.
Construction estimates can often be customized by selecting different materials, finishes, or construction methods.
Yes, construction estimates can change over time due to changes in project scope, material or labor costs, or other factors that may affect the cost of the project. It is important to regularly review and update estimates throughout the project to ensure accuracy.
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